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UMMM…my hand slipped. :X


    UMMM…my hand slipped. :X

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I needed a new icon. Message me if you ever want a crappy kawaii edit to your favorite character >3o


    I needed a new icon. Message me if you ever want a crappy kawaii edit to your favorite character >3o

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they talk a lotta shit but really u know they’re vulcan kissing  in secret


    they talk a lotta shit but really u know they’re vulcan kissing  in secret


  4. nonbinary hermann though


    hermann not finding out about nonbinary identities until well into adulthood, and struggling because he feels like he doesn’t “get” to identify that way, since he doesn’t fit the “born in the wrong body” narrative he’s been taught

    hermann beginning to feel right for the first time, like he actually has started to understand himself, but also doubting his feelings because they seem somehow frivolous or irrational 

    hermann trying to parse out the difficulties he has with his body because of his disability from potential dysphoric feelings, and second-guessing himself the whole way

    hermann not feeling too fussed about pronouns most of the time, and worrying that he doesn’t get to call himself nonbinary for that reason

    hermann not wanting to tell others about his gender identity because he doesn’t think it matches the persona he’s worked to create, and because he doesn’t want to give anyone ammunition to ridicule him or take him any less seriously as a scientist

    hermann wanting to experiment with different clothing and presentation, but feeling too hopeless with current fashion to do so, and also more than a little embarrassed and afraid of what might happen

    hermann knowing already that newt is trans, and being hesitant to tell him about his own identity because he thinks newt might find it somehow insulting or invalidating 

    hermann learning that the kaidonovskys are both nonbinary themselves (and sometimes switch names as the mood strikes), and the two of them reassuring him that there’s no wrong way to be so, while also gently encouraging him to tell newt

    hermann finally telling newt somewhat by accident mid-argument, and newt stopping to beam at him and ask about his pronouns, and the two of them abandoning their argument completely because newt is so excited that they have this in common

    hermann still not wanting to advertise his gender much, because it’s nobody’s business but his own, but still smiling when he comes into the lab one day to find that newt has left a nonbinary flag patch hidden in his desk drawer (just in case he wants it, no pressure)

    hermann finally, finally beginning to feel comfortable with himself, even if, to most of the outside world, he’s still the same old grumpy bastard

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    okay finished i guess since i don’t feel like coloring this haha

    newt and hermann arguing forever…..

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    Sup @irisbluefic 

    I already did 7, but here’s a 4. C:

    4 - Eyelid Kiss

    I imagine it to be some kind of distraction ploy to get Hermann to get some rest. And Hermann complaining about how unsanitary eye kisses are. And if he gets pink eye he’s gonna stab someone. And that Newt is just smudging the shit out of his glasses. You know, the romantic stuff. 

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    2. me when i finish the game: omg that was so good i loved it so much. this is my new favourite game ever.
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c’mon, buck. i’ll lead, if you want. 


    c’mon, buck. i’ll lead, if you want. 

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    making my way downtown oh my fucking god where am i

  10. loryisunabletosupinate:

    hermann is lying in bed, when newt crawls under the sheets with him and holds onto him, so hermann turns towards him so they’re both on their sides facing each other, and he throws his arm around newt

    newt inches himself up into hermann’s neck and nuzzles there

    the hair there tickles hermann’s neck to the point that he giggles as he asks newt to please stop or he might kick or hit him by accident, all said affectionately of course

    newt stops but he lifts his head up to give hermann a kiss to the neck and chest

    hermann relishes the touches

    he can’t help but think back to when he could have lost newt when he drifted with the kaiju the first time. he tries not to and he’s been better about it recently, but the thought appears in his head randomly still. he tightens his grip on newt, hugging him tighter, hugging him into him

    newt thinks nothing of it, he thinks it’s part of hermann being affectionate, but he doesn’t know it’s hermann holding on to make sure he is really truly there

    - - -

    the angtsy version of this post

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I just watched pacific rim today and now I’m drawing these nerds


    I just watched pacific rim today and now I’m drawing these nerds

  12. Anonymous said: I'm a huge fan of virginal!Hermann. Not necessarily an actual virgin, but inexperienced. Especially when after drifting with Newt, he proceeds with the confidence of a man who has actually read his lover's mind. Especially if he goes from shy virgin to pro-level like *that*!


    Hmm, personally I’m more a fan of inexperienced Newt. Like idk if I just like the contrast between his “rockstar” demeanor or what, but inexperienced Newt is best Newt imo. 

  13. thedrawbridgethatismypants:

    Newt propositions Hermann one night way before they actually start dating

    And Hermann just puts his hand an inch above Newt’s head and says “Sorry, you must be at least this tall to ride me.”

    Newt’s like “how tall do I have to be to suck your dick?”

  14. pixiepunch:

    Yo @jamnesias ! 

    I’d been sitting on this prompt, thinking I wanted to try something new. And after my excursion to the beach today, I knew exactly what I wanted to draw with them. 

    Kiss 11 - Back kisses 

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    And here is another illustration that I also drew for the Newmann anthology!